We do it all & then some!

We are a full service waste management company, from the underground unknowns (oh no!) to that perfect flush (oh yes!), we do it all. Clark-Wright Septic Service team members are experienced in every facet of waste management, from grandfathered practices, materials and systems to the all new state regulated installations. Identifying underground piping issues, educating home-owners or business owners about their individual septic systems, brainstorming out-of-the-box repair solutions, and performing top notch services are just a few ways we set ourselves apart in this fast-paced industry. We operate with the best equipment available, show up ready to work WITH you, and STAY with you until the job is complete.

Pumping Services

Septic Tank | Residential & Commercial

Pump Station | Residential & Commercial

Grease Tank | Residential & Commercial

Grease Trap | Commercial

Cleaning of Effluent Filter | On-site Services

On-board Jetting Service | Pump Truck Service of Inlet & Outlet Piping

Visual Septic Tank Inspection | Interior Inspection of Septic Tank for Condition & Material

Routine Service Schedule Recommendations

Service Technician Services

Locating | Locating of Septic Tanks, Septic Systems, Sewer Lines, etc.

Rooter Service | Drain Cleaning Services of Main Sewer Lines: Inlet & Outlet Piping, Perimeter Drain Lines, etc.

Jetting Service | Drain Cleaning of Main Sewer Lines: Inlet & Outlet Piping, Perimeter Drain Lines, Leach Lines, Laterals, etc.

Steam Thawing | Thawing of Main Sewer Lines, Perimeter Drain Lines, Leach Lines, Laterals, Roof Drain Lines, Water Lines, etc.

Camera Services | Camera (Scoping) Services of Main Sewer Lines, Perimeter Drain Lines, Leach Lines, etc.

System Inspection | Inspections of Residential Waste Management Systems, Pump Stations, Main Sewer Lines, etc.

Filter Cleaning | Routine Service of Effluent Filter

Full Excavation Services

Waste Management System Installation | Septic System Installations: Start to Finish Residential Waste Management System Installations, Including the Handling of All Communications with Client, Licensed Engineer, and State.

Septic System Replacement & Repairs | Main Sewer Line: Inlet and Outlet Piping Repairs and/or Replacement, Test Pits, etc.

Septic Tank, Distribution Box, and Pump Station Replacements | Residential Waste Management System Repairs

Property Drainage Management | Residential & Commercial

Full House-site Excavation | Residential: Start to Finish in Coordination with GC

Trucking Services

Single-Axle & Tri-Axle Dump Trucks | Residential & Commercial: You Name It, We Haul It

Equipment Hauling | Residential & Commercial: Equipment of All Sizes